Let’s face it – organic reach has been diminishing on Facebook for some time now. The recent changes to the Facebook news feed makes it easier for you to see posts from ‘friends’ since Facebook is focusing on human to human connection now. That’s not a bad thing. And doesn’t that make sense, given the game-changer year that was 2017?

Still, when you’ve come to rely on Facebook as a solid part of your marketing, all this change means you have to change your strategy, too. And that sucks, especially if you were really good at generating organic reach and engagement. So, let’s take a minute to be mad at Facebook…. Go ahead – stomp your feet, flip it off, whatever you need to do to get it out of your system. Now take a deep breath… that’s better.

Now, let’s focus on what we can do to adjust to the new Facebook feed changes.


Tip #1: Make your brand message, story and content human.

I think we’ve all gotten pretty good about glossing over the content in our feed that is blatantly advertising a product or service. Those ads, even with organic reach, were likely underperforming. The missing element: the humanness. Either the company wasn’t telling a good story or the message wasn’t telling the audience their story. We dive deep into knowing and defining your Market and your Mission in our Social Media Intensive Workshops. Being able to convey the “who, why, where” and the “passion, persona and prestige” is critical, now more than ever.

Tip #2: Learn Facebook Advertising.

While the news feed will be limited to original posts from ‘friends’, now pages you like and pages shared by friends will shift to a new feature called Explore Feed.

So the content isn’t gone, its just sorted. However, the news feed will continue to included sponsored posts. You have to pay to play in this priority position. This is not new to advertising, especially digital ads. Its just new to Facebook. Sorta. (refer to paragraph one re: organic reach has been diminishing.) Facebook ads must now be a budgeted part of your marketing budget if it wasn’t already.

The good news: the cost for advertising on Facebook is set by you. And a little goes a long way with Facebook’s extensive metrics and audience detail. And now with the Messenger feature, there are many ways to directly connect to your audience. You just have to pay for it.

Tip #3: Explore Groups.

Facebook announced in the fall of 2017 that they would prioritize Groups. This lends itself perfectly to the community connection intention for 2018. So get in there and be human! Jump into Groups and interact. Or start your own Group – there are now insights and features available that were not there before. Go there!

Tip #4: Go Live

I can already hear you groaning. Get over the fear of being on camera and start sharing your light and knowledge with the world. Remember step one: get human. Is there a better way to show the human side of your company, service or brand than actually talking, human to human, on a platform built for interaction and community? I don’t think so. Facebook doesn’t either. That’s way Facebook Live remains a priority feature and gives direct connection to your audience in real time.

Still nervous about going Live?? I was too. Until I had a plan of action. I’m happy to share that plan to you, just click the link to download our Going Live! Video Streaming Action Plan. It includes the equipment to consider, how to get viewers, content that gets engagement, and what to do afterwards.

I hope this has been helpful. If so, please share with your friends.
And let us know if you have any questions about new approaches to Facebook or any tips that you might have in navigating the changes. We want to see you live streaming very soon!!!
Until next time…!


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