Have you ever noticed that your Facebook stream will contain many posts from some pages that you’re following, and yet other Pages that you like – their content never sees the light of day in your Facebook world? Here’s a simple trick to insure you see content from your favorite fan pages regularly in your Facebook stream.

First, let’s find a Facebook page that we want to follow. For this example, let’s choose Dolly Parton (because Pages in the Stream reminds me of her chart-topping song Islands in the Stream, and no I’m not that old. Ok, maybe I am that old. Don’t judge.)

Below the header image is the option to “like” the page, so select that. Right next to it is an option to “follow”. When you select this option, you’ll see there is a default setting. This default will have some of this page’s posts appear in your stream some of the time. To increase the visibility of the page’s posts to your stream is through your continued engagement with the page and its posts (which requires a conscious effort to remember to go and engage with a page that isn’t frequently appearing in your steam). If that page boosts a post and pays Facebook to have that content land in front of you, you may see some content, but it’s impossible to predict how often that might happen. So you’ll want to change that follow status to “See First”. Facebook allows for up to 30 people or Pages to have priority seating in your Facebook stream to be seen first. The selections are not ranked, so the posts will appear as content from those selected pages is posted.

It’s that simple.

Why would you want to do this? A perfect example: The year 2017.
This has been a year of political turbulence and civil strife. I had to do something to turn the tide of my Facebook stream away from misery and fear, and and this was how I did it. I went in to the Facebook pages of Tony Robbins, Danielle LaPorte, IMomSoHard and Mental Floss made their posts priority in my stream. That way, I guaranteed I’d have inspirational messaging and a lot of humor peppered into my feed every day. You can prioritize public figures who inspire you, news organizations, companies or businesses you frequent, competitors in your industry – whatever you want to see most often when you visit Facebook. And you can always de-select the option if you decided to change it up.

So there you have it! Pages in the Stream. That is what we are. (Ear worm. You’re welcome.)
Now go and “like” Kenny Rogers and see what he’s been up to lately.

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