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Crank your
social media dial to 11 with our

Social media Intensive

A One Day, In-Person Workshop

Are you in the Burbank area?
Join us for our Social Media Intensive!!
Live! In Person!! For Real…!

This one-day workshop is called “intensive” for a reason. We will…

  • makeover your social media profiles.
  • build a solid Social Media Strategy specifically for you, with you.
  • determine WHO and HOW (hint: it’s about your ideal customer).
  • map out an exact strategy for on-going social media success.
  • dive deep into the Power of Video… video… video…  – the hottest thing in social media right now!
  • Introduce easy-to-use image creation and posting tools.
  • … and we’ll do it together!  In person!  And you can bring your team too!  Heck, we’ll even feed you – lunch is on us!!  How awesome is that?!?!

Pretty.  Damn.  Awesome.
But you’re the Bomb-digity.  You can handle Awesome.



So, let’s talk – fill out the application below so we can get to know you and see if our Social Media Intensive is exactly what you need to Dial-Up your social media success.

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