Taking Your Coaching Business Ideas To The Next Level

"The coach's coach"

Imagine that your ideal clients, your real ideal clients, the ones that value what you do, take your advice and actions and run with it, the clients that pay top dollar, they are out there right now, they are seeking you out and they just need to find YOU.  Credit card in-hand, they are ready to sign up.

Level-Up Coaching Mastery Program covers strategies to:

  • automate your lead generation to weed out the riff-raff
  • attract the best high-paying clients
  • structure your business to make the income you desire without working 40, 50, or 60+ hour weeks.
  • Sample posts and ads to model on your social channels and ad campaigns (valued at $197)
  • Chat Messenger templates to let Messenger prequalify inquireies before you start chatting directly with a potential client (valued at $249)
  • “How to organize your day and week wiht the top 10 most important tiems to focus on.
  • “Elevate Guide on how to move lower level items off your desk and onto a VA ($29)
  • Script for firing a bad client. (priceless)
  • How to attract and sign high quality coaching clients in your first 30 days.
  • How to cut thorugh the noise and focus on the things that matter and lead to results.
  • How to work thorugh the fear rather than be paralyzed by it.
  • Blueprint to redesign your coaching business and set it up for success, and the step-by-step implementation plan to follow.